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With over 24 years total experience and over 16 years full-time, this firm has offered clients 24 hour / 7 day a week service conducting Unbiased, Objective, and Thorough Fire Cause & Origin Determination on fire losses.  From the multi-million dollar commercial losses, to the average automobile fire, each client receives the same quality of service and care in handling of the claim.  This firm continues to provide the typical 7-day turn around time on written reports once the case has been completed.   All of the examinations and case analyses are performed in accordance with the nationally accepted practices and standards for our field, including NFPA 921 & ASTM.  Verbal summations from the scene examination are typically reported the same day, along with notification whether more work is necessary depending upon the specifics of the case.

When deciding to hire a fire investigator and/or consultant, experience and specialized expertise are among the most critical and key elements for any case.  Utilizing firms with less expertise and qualifications can significantly increase the costs of the claim, as well as exposing the claim to potential legal challenges including Daubert and Spoliation of Evidence.  It is also extremely important for the client to make sure that whomever they retain, that their expert adheres to recognized industry treatise and standards, and clearly and accurately reports all the facts of the case.  Because of this firm's Highly Special Expertise in the following areas, our multi-national clientele of manufacturers, insurance companies, and law firms  (United States, Canada, England and Mexico) regularly retain this firm as an Expert Witness to offer extensive case analyses and litigation support.

  Recreational Vehicle Fires      Automobile Fires     Propane Fires      Hot Work (Welding & Cutting) Incidents

   RV Absorption Refrigerator Fires       Ford Ignition Switch Fires

This firm has conducted training seminars to several state chapters of the IAAI on Basic and Advanced Fire Investigative Training, as well as numerous instructional seminars on various topics to fire departments, insurance companies, attorneys. This firm has taught for the California Department of Justice, and has provided limited consultation support for both NTSB and NHTSA.  Educational Training Materials authored by this firm have been requested by and sent to over 192 firms and agencies in 10 countries.  This firm has also had the honor and privilege to have contributed to several nationally recognized Fire Investigation Texts and Treatise. 



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